Obama Insulted Me

Dr. Michael L. Ford

16 April 2008


            A lot of people have been talking about Obama’s remarks that small-town Americans are "bitter and cling to guns and religion as symptoms of frustration." Most are talking about it impersonally, as if they are speaking of some other class of people and not themselves. Well, I am not speaking of it in that way. I take what he said personally, because he was describing me. I am a small-town American; guns and religion, not in that order, are important to me. But I do not have time to be bitter, and the frustrations I feel are with liberals, mostly Democrats, and false conservatives, mostly Republicans, in government ruining the country. So Mr. Obama insulted me, and I intend to holler loud and clear my displeasure.

            One writer proclaimed that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. had insulted Catholics. I am sure he did insult those devout Catholics, who cherish their religion, but I took his insult to be deeper, expressing a negative attitude toward the Book of the Christian faith, the Bible. I am not a Catholic and I am not a Protestant. I am a Christian who marks his faith in keeping with the Messianic, literalist faith of the early church. Frankly, I do not consider the church he is a member of to be a Christian church because it has at its core a works based mode of attaining salvation. If he respected the Book of Christianity, studied and believed it, he would not have been part of the church to be scandalized by his pastor’s racism and anti-Americanism.

            I agree with Hillary when she said: "They (you and me) need a President who stands up for them, who fights for them, who works hard for your futures, your jobs, your families." In other words what we truly need is a person none of the two big party’s candidates are, including Obama. Hillary Clinton is a socio-communist; Obama is politically more of a national socialist; and. John McCain is a socio-new world order proponent. None of them have respect either for my religion or my right to bear arms. They can feel insulted by me because I say those things but unlike Obama’s statement, I am telling the truth about them.

            Obama insulted me because he demeaned my religion by denigrating the reason I am dedicated to it, and he denigrated or belittled the reason I cherish my guns. I am dedicated my religion because it proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the one Name given among men whereby ye might be saved. I am committed to the right to bear arms primarily because an armed citizenry is the guarantor of human freedom and defense of the nation against invasion, and those who would do evil within it.

            Frankly, Obama seems more concerned about his undefined change plan than he is about defending America or respecting the people who serve the nation by providing for its defense and that makes me more nervous than the current financial hardships that have been intentionally caused by the people in leadership of which he is one. These things have left me neither bitter nor frustrated. I can submit evidence of that by pointing out that I have not gone after the sop offered in the so-called stimulus payment. I know that it would not really do anything to improve my situation, so I am patriotic enough not to seek to take it out of my nation’s coffers. If I were to be bitter about anything financial it would be that people like Obama are giving social security benefits to illegal aliens and financing it by defrauding people like my wife out of the social security plan she paid for when she became disabled. That is criminal, and unethical. The type of thing only elitists who think the population should be diminished would be causing to happen and still be able to sleep at night..

             It has been truly said, “When Hillary Clinton questions your character, you know you're really in trouble.” Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is not concerned about that though as long as he can fool enough people into going his way so that he can try to seize the Presidency with the support of people like Farrakhan, Wright, and his host of friends well known for hating America. They say Obama did not realize his remarks were being recorded. So he felt comfortable saying "It's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." I don’t suppose it ever occurs to him that the descendants of immigrants who got to this country lawfully and whose generations worked honestly at improving their lives might resent legitimately those who do not.

            Obama’s view toward religion is something right out of Marx’s ideology. His suggestive statement has the idea behind it that religion is to be considered a crutch that weak-minded people cling to in desperation.  As Marx put it, the "opiate of the masses." I resent that for I did not have to be in trouble to embrace my religion and I am scarcely weak minded with an IQ in the top ten percent of the nation. I think Obama was not as concerned with his own church’s teachings because he was only using it as a tool for his advancement. I agree with Brian Fitzpatrick, senior editor for the Culture and Media Institute, “he doesn't just look down on religion, he despises it.”

            Fitzpatrick said the elements of his statement should be translated to mean something else: Antipathy toward people who aren't like them (read: racism and homophobia); Anti-immigrant sentiment (read: racism and nativism); Anti-trade sentiment (again read nativism). He indicated that the San Francisco liberals to whom Obama was speaking understood what he meant. He also declared “They're all values that the cosmopolitan, internationalist, secular elites cannot stand.” If he is correct you could certainly expect him to be attacking those things should he become President. His idea of change will have to include altering the culture of what is a broadly religious country.

            San Francisco was not the first time he had made a “religion-related gaffe.” He has shown he would be willing to discard the central Old and New Testament Scripture because it conflicts with leftist values. For Obama, the political agenda comes before God and His revelation. And, even though one liberal Catholic priest proclaimed Wright one of the greatest theologians of our time, this is something he and his pastor have in common. Obama has insulted me and every other person who believes in the God of the Bible and Second Amendment rights. I am confident that if he becomes President he will do more than merely insult me. One observer of the times said that he did not think the country had more than five years left on the outside. If Obama becomes President I am sure he will do his best to make those words true.


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