Reconquering North America
Dr. Michael L. Ford
3 May 2006
	A friend informed me she greatly appreciated the
Latin American’s in our country taking a day off from
working and shopping to teach the USA’s citizenry a
lesson. It allowed her to get through stores without
being rudely pushed and shoved or being run into by
baby strollers pushed by illegal immigrants taking
advantage of California’s welfare state.
	Her impressions say something about the same attitude
being expressed by the people who are in this country
illegally thinking they have the right to get out and
demonstrate for the imaginary rights they do not have.
They consider the citizens of the United States in
their way and they are going to shove them aside and
take over. Do not say that this is alarmist. I am just
parroting what some of their own leaders have said in
the past when they did not think anyone was paying
	Besides the fact people from terrorist countries are
coming across our border to the South, we have
immigrants coming with the idea that they do not have
to respect our laws. Many of these illegals have set
up little corners in many cities that are just as
lawless and dangerous as the places they left. The
reason being is they brought their attitudes and
beliefs with them.
	For my part, I am not impressed by the fact Eva
Longoria, Salma Hayek, Edward James Olmos, and John
Leguizamo came out in support of the illegal
immigrants. It only goes to once again show how
morally bankrupt most of Hollywood is. But if you’ve
seen the trailers for some of their work you already
knew that. It is not surprising Gustavo Santaolalla,
Oscar winning composer of the soundtrack for the film
"Brokeback Mountain," would be part of the crowd, he
fits right in with what I am saying now doesn’t he?
	What impresses me are people who want to be citizens
badly enough to join the American military as a means
of earning citizenship. They make real contributions
to the American life, some by giving their lives for
the principles that made us great. Those principles
seem to be something our politicians, both Republican
and Democrat have lost contact with. America needs
reconquering, but it needs the reconquest of the
ideals that made America great and that will not come
from illegal aliens.

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