Misleading on Meet the Depressed

Dr. Michael L. Ford

18 March 2007


            One of the problems with having your mobility limited is it oftentimes keeps you out of the place where a Christian ought to be on a Sunday morning…in church. But the limitation does have its assets too. It allows the aware to catch the enemies of Western civilization in their machinations to undermine society. I happened to stumble into such busily at work this Sunday, quite by accident, as I looked for some of the rare preaching on television that is fit to listen to.

            Since Sundays should, in my opinion, be spent thinking on the things of God, I have not been a regular watcher of Meet the Press. But, in the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that I have known about the program and had occasion to watch it off and on over many years. I started calling it “Meet the Depressed” based on an old political cartoon that was being drawn long before anybody knew who Rush Limbaugh is. The change that has taken place in the program over the years is it has become less adept with the appearance of being unbiased.

             The subject on Meet the Depressed this day was primarily the contrived scandal over the dismissal of lawyers that have always served only at the pleasure of the President. Anybody who thinks this should be a big deal are either ignorant of American history or have their own political reason for wanting to undermine the President. What they are really doing is undermining the Presidency and doing damage to the country.

            Secondary to this topic was whether or not Attorney General Alberto Gonzales would survive in his office much longer. Incident to this discussion, the host announces Mr. Gonzalez was invited to come on the program but declined. He intended to imply that the Attorney General disdained his forum and the American people by refusing to come and give his side of the situation. This is pure poppycock! He knew when the invitation was given that the man could not come on his program and make comments about an ongoing investigation no matter how asinine and evil intended it might be. Straight talk does not come from biased talk shows like Meet the Press. Label them among the unethical organizations!

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