Legal vs Right

Dr. Michael L. Ford


Abortion is legal by ruling of the Supreme Court.

But is it right for a mother to be able to kill her unborn helpless baby?


Withholding food and water from people in a coma is legal.

But is right to practice this form of legal murder?


Doctors can decide that some people do not have enough quality of life to warrant certain surgeries or transplants.

But is it right that they should be able to make such decisions?


The public school system can expel a child for drawing a politically incorrect picture or taking an aspirin.

But is it right that they should be able to traumatize a young life foolishly?


The American Bar Association has the power to rate qualification for judicial appointments.

But is it right that their ideas should control the standards of the land?


Politicians are working to combine the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

But is it right that they should abandon their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States?


Illegal aliens are perpetrating a crime wave across the United States but our government is actually protecting them. Is it right that they should persecute citizens for protecting their property?


The National Education Association promotes the using of public education for social experimentation and dumb down teaching?

Is it right we allow them to continue to get away with that and even give them tax breaks and tax money?


The American Civil Liberties Union is dedicated to undermining American ideals and promoting human control.

Is it right they get tax breaks and are not identified as an enemy communistic organization?


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