My View of the Imus Kerfuffle

Dr. Michael L. Ford

30 April 2007


Heeding the sage words of advice columnist Ann Landers that “the naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie" I thought it was about time to weigh in on the Imus kerfuffle. Let me admit difficulty in finding an adequate word describing my view of the situation for the title of this article so a revealing light could be shed on the events. Then I remembered a word former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer was fond of, kerfuffle! The word comes to us from the Scots Gaelic meaning to twist or bend while throwing into disorder. It is also related to the Scots “fuff,” which beginning in the late eighteenth century had a sense of going off in a huff or flying into a temper. We’ve seen a kerfuffle in full hypocritical form in the Imus matter.

            Were the FCC what it used to be Imus would not have been on the airways to begin with. But, the way he was taken off is not only an exercise in political correctness; it is frightening for what it seems to foreshadow for the future! In fact, since he has been removed the liberal left has lost no time in going after some other lesser-known people, all of whom seem to have conservative leanings. The rude content of their speech just seems to be the tool. When I first heard a tape of what he had said, I thought they were angry because he had pointed out Rutgers players’ tattoos, an increasing visible sign of the decline of the deterioration of our society. I visualized college women with prison style tattoos.

            The nappy headed thing and the street slang for whore is used so much these days it did not grab me at first. But it was just the thing for racists like Jesse Jackson, who as a waiter spit in white people’s food, and Al Sharpton, who never misses a chance to play the race card, even when the circumstances are phony, to use. Liberals who used to vie to get on Imus’ program turned on him like wolves on a wounded pack member. Hillary and Obama, who take money from rappers who say worse chose to show their hypocritic outrage. And, CBS and MSNBC executives cut their money maker Don Imus off at the mouth. It is a kerfuffle alright, and a whole lot of people have been shown for what they really are. Evil triumphed over crudeness and honesty took a holiday!

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