Radio Broadcast for 4 December 2005
Immigration Issues

CW – This week we changed our programming plans at
almost the last minute. We had intended to discuss the
anti-Christian activities occurring around Christmas,
but after the President addressed the Nation in
Arizona this week I decided it was time to go ahead
and concentrate on immigration issues.

Ford – I was listening to his address. It was carried
on cable. I understand you had him on the feed into
your studio. He got you pretty upset didn’t he?

CW – Yes he did. The current policy on illegal
immigration is not only dangerous to our country, but
what he was proposing did not seem to me to be any

Ford – I think you are right about that. But our
listeners also need to understand that not only are
policies on illegal immigration misguided, but what is
going on with legal immigration is not in the best
interests of the country.

CW – As we launch into this discussion, I need to make
it clear to our listening audience that you and I both
are believers in immigration as one of the strengths
of America.

Ford – Yes, that’s right. We are a nation of
immigrants. Even those we call Native Americans or
Indians are immigrants who came into the New World
after the Great Flood. Whether your people came into
America as early as some of mine did, 1611, or if they
came in the last generation we are all immigrants to
this land. The problem I have with legal immigration
is how it has changed in the last half of the
twentieth century, and the problem I have with illegal
immigration is that it is tolerated at all.

CW – So it is fair to say that you have given
attention to this subject and while you favor
immigration you think the whole thing is in a mess

Ford – That is it in a nutshell, yes. The colloquial
expression seems to me appropriate because we are
faced with one or two choices when we look at the
subject of immigration. Either the people who have
been shaping policy over the past few decades are
“nuts” or they have an agenda that is contrary to the
best interests of the nation and are slyly working to
undermine our country.

CW – Well, our critics will be labeling us conspiracy
theorists now.
I think you will have to make your case and let our
listeners decide for themselves.

Ford – “Conspiracy theory” is a term used to lump the
people who think aliens are landing on earth in the
same category as the idea that some people are
actively working to undermine the United States. It is
a way of discrediting people without having to discuss
the facts and having what is actually going on
disclosed. What I want to give our listeners is facts
not fanciful imaginations, then they can see the truth
for themselves.

CW – That’s right. So it is time to give out some
facts beginning with the President’s speech.

Ford – President Bush finally began talking tougher on
immigration enforcement in that speech.  But as he
went along there was little evidence he planned to do
anything more than repackage his previously proposed
“guestworker” plan and keep denying that it is an
amnesty plan for people who have already illegally
entered or remained in the country.
Amnesty programs did not begin with the Bush
administration. Unfortunately they were proposed many
years ago before we had the problems with terrorism we
do now. However this past week in Arizona we saw the
signal that President Bush is beginning to realize
that the American public firmly rejects the
immigration snake oil his administration has been

CW – People who live along the border has had a lot of
problems with illegal immigration. What you do not
hear much about by listening to the network news is
some of the horror incidences that have happened along
America’s border with Mexico.

Ford – People have been attacked on their ranches by
illegals. Cattle, dogs, and other livestock have been
butchered. All this and a lot more has occurred while
what you get from the media is the story that illegal
immigrants are dying in the desert as they seek to
circumvent the law. They try to build some kind of
moral case that we have a responsibility to help these
people while they work at our destruction.
A Judge took the land of Casey Nethercott, because he
stood up to illegal immigrants. Like many who come
across the Mexican border the people he faced were not
even from Mexico. They were a man and woman from El
Salvador. Evidently they were not married because one
of them, the woman, is now in Dallas, (one of her
names is common among Muslims) The man is now in Los
Angeles. They are roaming around freely and who knows
what mischief they are getting into?

CW – This sound very serious but there is more isn’t

Ford – I have received a number of reports of the
border patrol intercepting suspected terrorists. You
seldom or never hear of that being reported in the
media do you?

CW – You certainly don’t.

Ford – And that is not all. I have had reports of the
Islamic terrorist groups being active in border towns
just outside of the U.S. So they are weaseling their
way into the lives of people down there, perhaps with
an eye toward recruiting new terrorists. I have
received rather detailed information about their
activities but it would take a whole program to cover
it all. One of the big things that has caught my
attention is the fact they are getting Mexican people
indebted to them.

CW – That sounds a bit scary. They could use that for
leverage to develop suicide bombers.

Ford – Yes, when you put the President’s speech into
context with what is actually going on, then your
perspective begins to change. His own part has been
trying to get him to press the enforcement of current
immigration laws and he has not done so. Last October
82 members of the House of Representatives, mostly
Republicans urged him to do that, but for some reason
he is really letting down the American people in this
matter. I think he and the President of Mexico are too
good of buddies for the good of the American people.
	This week, the president bragged about things such as
the 1,900 new Border Patrol officers hired since 2001
and other measures forced upon him by the Republican
Congress.  He praised “expedited removal” as a tool
that’s being expanded, though the administration has
refused to apply this fast-track deportation measure
beyond the border.
	It is hard not to be skeptical of this White House
when it starts saying it will enforce our immigration
laws because it has utterly failed to do so to date. 
Its de facto immigration policy has been the Clinton
administration’s, and everything Clinton touched
seemed to hurt America.

CW – We will save our comments on the Clinton
administration for when “Billary” runs for President.
Tell me more about his speech.

Ford – Well let me first tell you, the Border Patrol
had a highly effective operation in Southern
California where a handful of officers arrested
hundreds of illegal aliens.  But the Bureau of Customs
and Border Protection shut it down.  The initial CBP
directive was eventually, “officially” withdrawn, but
by then the message to line officers had been
CW – What was that message?

Ford – The Bush administration has continued the
“catch and release” policy that sets captured OTMs
“Other Than Mexica”n illegal aliens – free on American
soil.  Brazilians, Hondurans, Salvadorans, Guatemalans
and others have taken “catch and release” as a welcome
mat.  OTM apprehensions surged from 49,545 in 2003 to
165,175 in 2005. This is not a small problem with
those kind of numbers. 
	After 911, the Justice Department put into place a
highly effective alien registration program called
NSEERS.  It coupled mandatory registration by
temporary alien males from terrorist-sponsoring
countries with on-the-spot detention of immigration
violators, such as those who had overstayed their
visas.  When Homeland Security took over, it
essentially killed the program, even though NSEERS
caught 13,000 illegal aliens and caused at least
15,000 more to leave the country on their own.
Homeland Security is not doing a good job of defending
the homeland in spite of the rights under the
Constitution that Americans have been asked to forego.
	After Hurricane Katrina, Homeland Security declared a
holiday (though it has no legal authority to suspend
laws) from employer sanctions laws – They did this not
only in the storm-tossed areas, but nationwide.  This
opened the doors for unscrupulous employers to hire
illegal aliens – thus displacing or hedging out
hurting Americans whose jobs had been destroyed.
	The administration negotiates behind the scenes as
Congress drafts immigration enforcement legislation,
but the Bush crowd continues to oppose the most
promising ideas, such as the CLEAR Act to get state
and local police a constructive response from federal
authorities and mandatory employment verification to
shut off the “jobs magnet.”

CW – Now I know you voted for Bush in the last two
elections. Yet you are now vilifying him. What has

Ford – Nothing has changed. In the first election you
were offered a New Ager or a businessman for your
choices. Do you want to go into the New World Order
the New Age way or the business way? In the second
election you were offered a pro-military strong
defense candidate at a time of national crisis or a
liar who had betrayed his country during the Vietnam
War. For me there was and is no choice is what I had
to do. There still isn’t. But I would not be a
patriotic American if I did not expose the intolerable
actions I see taking place.

CW – Let’s get on with the subject of immigration.

Ford – The Bush administration has hawked a massive
amnesty to legalize virtually all 10-12 million
illegal aliens.  This scheme has been, and continues
to be, packaged as a “guestworker” program. But this
is just part of our problem. I have seen the so-called
“guestworker programs in action when I lived in
Europe. We can all see what is happening in European
countries today and ask ourselves if we want the name
of our country changed to the Islamic States of
Regardless of how the president labeled it, the plan
he described in his Arizona speech is his same old
amnesty plan.  The illegals get legalized, they get to
keep the jobs they came here and took, and six years
later no political will will exist to make them go
home.  Politicians will end up giving them green cards
and then citizenship.

CW – It sounds like you have a really negative
attitude about this?

Ford – The evidence is there for anybody that cares to
look. The argument goes that we need foreigners to do
the jobs Americans wont do. The fact is there are no
jobs Americans won’t do or don’t want.  For instance,
Census figures show that in the most immigrant-filled
jobs, in farming, fishing and forestry occupations,
61.2 percent of workers are Americans.  
But Americans can’t take a lot of jobs because
immigrants have caused the wages to be depressed. It
is just like this business with programs called NAFTA,
GATT, and CAFTA sending jobs overseas. They have
caused Americans who can get employed to work for
lower pay and lacking decent benefits. The people
behind these things and other actions like
deregulation of natural gas and electricity seem to me
to be trying to break the back of America’s economy.
We really don’t need more foreign workers.  We need
consistent enforcement of the immigration laws on the
books.  We need to let market forces regulate
themselves without government command-and-control
manipulating the labor supply.
It will be only after at least a decade of attrition
of the illegal population, through deportations,
illegals leaving on their own and closing entry at the
border that things will begin to stabilize. Once the
inflow has diminished in the face of real enforcement,
then we’ll have a clue what our actual labor needs
might be for foreign workers.
Let me tell you something else about this situation
that really bugs me. I have friends who are Spanish or
of Spanish descent who are American citizens, and have
been faithful and true to this country. What happens
when you have so many people running around illegally
is that people start looking at everyone as if they
might be here wrongly. I am jealous for my friends and
would not have them subjected to those kind of

CW – I know you have been critical of semi-skilled
jobs going out to illegal immigrants in things like
the construction business.

Ford – Yes, those are well paying jobs that many
American would like to have but cannot get because
illegals have flooded the market. Of course many
builders argue that the illegals are more reliable
because a great many Americans only work while you are
standing there watching them, and some once they get a
payday go and get high on drugs.

CW – It seems to me that people can find honest
workers if they want to.

Ford – I believe that too.
The point I am trying to make in this broadcast is it
seems to me that the President is only tuning into the
problem of immigration rhetorically, not practically.
The proof of how sincere he is will be in how
faithfully the administration starts to enforce the
laws on the books, and implements statutory
requirements that continue to go unimplemented and
shows that it truly gets it on the enforcement side of
the equation. I would not advise you to hold your
breath on that.

CW – Well four years after 9/11, America's national
borders remain open and   uncontrolled, for all
intents and purposes. That should be of concern to all
Americans and our government has been consistently
wrongheaded in its approach to the problem.

Ford – Recently people in other countries like Great
Britain and Australia have come out and said that what
has hurt their countries has been the insistence on
multiculturalism. America was always the “Great
Melting Pot” of the nations because it put pressure on
people who came to our land to assimilate themselves
into the rest of the nation.
	Historically what has come out of the portions of
American societies that remained separate from
mainstream America has been mainly criminal. You have
had Italian, Jewish, Irish, Chinese, Korean, and now
Mexican gangs formed within the people who have
refused to become part of the American mainstream and
now we are seeing Islamic problems beginning as well.
	Teddy Roosevelt said something that really spoke to
the situation. He said: “Any man who says he is an
American, but something else also, isn't an American
at all. We have room for but one flag, the American
flag... We have room for but one language here, and
that is the English language...and we have room for
but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the
American people."

CW – The mainstream media has a problem in recognizing
that because so many of them are lacking in loyalty.

Ford – That is perfectly true. Our problem is not only
external it is internal as well. No country has
continued to be great when the people were divided and
if you can get enough division into America it will
not be great either.
	We have a lot of groups coming in whose loyalty is
focused on the nation, tribe, or family they come from
above the nation they have come to. They want to
impress upon us the society that failed them where
they were at and have us embrace and make room for
that instead of becoming part of the American nation
they have come to.
Hitler spoke of that loyalty this way:
"Du bist nichts, dein Volk ist alles"  "you are
nothing, your race is everything."
	I suppose Hitler found it hard to understand why most
of the Germans in this country did not readily embrace
him, even fought against him, instead of becoming
saboteurs and such within the country. The reason was
they had become Americans.

CW – But there were some who did support Hitler
including Henry Ford.

Ford – Yes, that is true but they were the exception
rather than the rule. We had German speaking Americans
slipping into Germany as spies because they had been
raised by their immigrant parents to love America
first. This does not seem to be happening with a lot
of immigrants now. And the Mexican border accounts for
only about half of illegal immigration, or one-sixth
of total immigration. 
Those who focus too exclusively on the Mexican border
often cite the Pew Hispanic Center's estimate of 11
million illegal immigrants because it is larger than
any official count. Yet that same study says only 6
million of those 11 million came from Mexico -- a
share that remained "virtually unchanged for the past
Roughly half of illegal immigrants, including many
Mexicans, arrived here perfectly legally, often by air
or sea. But they overstayed their visas. If the
institutional incentives to reside in the United
States illegally remain unchanged, then tightening the
Mexican border would be like putting up a "detour"
sign -- diverting a larger share of illegal
immigration toward arrival by air, sea or the Canadian

CW – So along with fixing immigration policy, we need
to do something about the emphasis on multiculturalism
taking place in the country.

Ford – That is right. I watched the President at the
tree lighting ceremony this week. He could not bring
himself to call it a Christmas tree. That is part of
the influence of multiculturalism. The man who donated
the tree had said that if he had known they would call
it a “holiday tree” instead of a Christmas tree he
would never have given it to them.
	Jackie Mason, one of my favorite people, is about as
Jewish as anybody you can find. He has been around as
a Jewish comedian for years but he has formed a group
to bring Christmas back into the Christmas season. He
recognized the danger multiculturalism presents to the
American people and got busy. This whole business of
“Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas reeks of
multiculturalism, the very thing that is destroying

CW – We need to do that program on the businesses who
want us to buy from them but cannot call Christmas,
	I do not imagine that a lot of people have recognized
the role multiculturalism has played in this thing. It
certainly is an eye opening thought.

Ford - "Immigration policy is about rationing
something of great value -- the right to live in the
United States. The question boils down to methods and
criteria of rationing a relatively small number of
spaces among a much larger number of people who would
like to live in the United States. Current policy
mainly relies on a mixture of political preference
categories and then we have a queue, where people line
up to get their turn.
	A big problem, and I don’t have enough time to
discuss it in this broadcast is that current policy in
handling immigration promotes multiculturalism. The
problem is not immigration per se, but immigration
	A lot of people still do marry to become citizens
because there is no quota for spouses and children of
U.S. citizens, so marriage and adoption are two routes
by which immigration became much easier and larger
than Congress expected in 1990, when it set quotas on
every other group except refugees and asylum-seekers
(the latter are illegal immigrants with a lawyer). 
	Since Mexico and the Philippines became the two
leading sources of U.S. immigrants around 1970, the
post-1965 U.S. preference for family members
perpetuates that same Mexican and Philippine dominance
of immigration queues. 
	To patch over this congressionally mandated
favoritism with masking tape, Congress added a
ludicrous "diversity lottery" (multiculturalism) by
which up to 50,000 immigrants are admitted by sheer
luck. That gives members of the Taliban and Bath Party
a fair chance to slip into the country legally. I keep
saying this immigration is in a mess.
	Immigrants expect to obtain most of the benefits of
immigration, yet taxpayers bear all the costs. U.S.
taxpayers make costly commitments to new immigrants,
offering services and benefits, yet immigrants make no
commitment to the United States other than the modest
cost of transportation to and fro. There is something
wrong with this picture.
CW concludes –
My dad, who is a retired Army noncom sent me a letter
this past week related to the very subject we are
discussing today. 
He is a patriotic American, and is also drawing Social
Security, so what I am telling you affects him twice
And from the feedback our radio program has received,,
I know what I am about to tell you about immigration
and Social Security will also be affecting many of
Our government claims Social Security is broken and
they are wanting to change it. 
They are trying to scare Americans into supporting
these “changes” through the fear of losing all their
At the same time they are planning to take billions of
dollars out of the Trust Fund and hand it over to
Mexicans who have paid little or nothing into
America’s retirement system. 
If the government gets its way, millions of Mexicans
including illegal aliens will be entitled to Social
Security, draining 345 billion dollars out of the
federal government over the next two decades. This
will virtually wipe out most Americans main retirement
system leaving most Americans in a state of financial
In my opinion giving away Social Security benefits to
none citizens, many of who have entered the country
illegally is criminal if not out and out treasonous! 
I do not have the time in this broadcast to tell you
about all of this now, but if the Lord provides so we
can stay on the air you will be hearing more from us
on this matter with the New Year. But Let me finish
right now by telling you that the intent of the people
planning this sell out of America also have a new set
of special rules for Mexicans far easier than those
for citizens of this country. 
Some of you may be disabled and have been unable to
get Social Security. Dr. Ford’s wife has not less than
three medical problems any one of which should have
qualified her for disability, but after five years she
has not been able to get it and the medical help she
needs. But with the special rules proposed for illegal
immigrants they will have no such problems, they will
effectively have a fast track into the Social Security
disability system, one which will set aside the ten
year work rule you and I have to meet. 
There is more that I have to tell you about this, but
we are once again out of time. Those of you who are
Christians pray for us, and God willing we will meet
you here next week. 

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