Hindu Prays in Senate

Dr. Michael L. Ford

20 July 2007


            When I learned a Hindu was to pray in the Senate I was not surprised. After all, the majority of the Senate of the United States, from both parties, had been conspiring to destroy America just a few days before. They were going to do this by allowing people with loyalties to other countries and systems, that had already disrespected the nationís laws, have a way to become citizens. If they have no moral and ethical perception, why should we expect that they should have any spiritual perception?

            One conservative Christian commentator said the U.S. Senate turned its back on God when it officially allowed the first Hindu prayer to be uttered aloud in the chamber. The truth is, as a body, they turned their backs on God and then the people they were charged with serving long before that. What really happened was another blatant incident of flaunting their depraved and sinful conditions occurred. We should recognize what took place as another sign of the cancer infecting our government, not the disease itself.

            For the government of a nation to allow people to have the freedom to choose to die in their sins and go to hell is a far different matter than for the elected leaders to betray the national heritage by embracing idolatry. Biblically and historically, there is plenty of evidence the unrighteous actions of unjust rulers has invited the chastisement of a righteous God. This has especially been the case in nations (and these are few) that were once dominated by Christian influence but turned their backs on the Truth. The actions of the Senate in allowing a Hindu to pray in their assembly is more dangerous to the Nation than the traitorous amnesty proposals that caused such an uprising of patriots a few days earlier.

            We should applaud the three Christians, Ante Pavkovic, his wife, and 19-year-old daughter. They disrupted the Hindu prayer and were arrested. These heroes of the faith were charged with misdemeanor unlawful conduct. But actually the unlawful conduct was on the part of the U.S. Senate who apparently has no members with any understanding of what is right and what is not.

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