Foley Follies
Dr. Michael L. Ford
4 October 2006

	Let me set something straight at the outset. I am
disgusted both by homosexuality and pedophilia. It is
very clear from any sound reading of the Scripture
that God is too! Such things are abominations! Now
that I have said that, let us get on to some other
matters that are equally unethical. That is the cover
ups. If people knew Representative Mark Foley was
indulging verbally molesting Congressional pages,
making obscene comments and suggestions to them, they
are guilty of gross immoral and unethical behavior,
because they condoned his sinful actions. Not only
that, those people who are trying to make political
capital out of the situation are also to be blamed
because their own behavior is equally reprehensible
and hypocritical.
	The very people who have busily attacked Foley and
others have continued to condone openly homosexual
Barney Frank in their midst for seventeen years now
after it was exposed his male hooker boyfriend was
running a bisexual prostitution ring out of Frank’s
apartment. I could chronicle the number of times
people on the side of the aisle that is now trying to
make political capitol have been found morally and
ethically wanting but I am limited in the space I have
set aside for the current comments.
	A number of years ago I knew a homosexual man who
recounted to me he had attended some Washington
parties that included people we had elected to public
office. He told me of their disgusting shenanigans at
one party in particular.  It was sickening to hear of
such things and the idea that these kinds of people
managed to obtain such high offices of trust in the
land was disheartening to say the least. Curiously
enough the attendees were not limited to one political
party, but the majority of the names he recalled were
not from the party now under fire.
	So what is my point since I have tarred some in both
sets with the same brush? I certainly do not excuse
the actions of the recently exposed, but I also
condemn the hypocrisy. The other day I heard a person
say it seems the actions of liberals are to be
condoned and the same or similar actions in
conservatives are to be condemned. No it only seems
that way. Sin is sin!

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