The Existence of God


            Several times each year I am told about someone in particular who claims they do not believe in God. I have even been told that to my face over the years. One time a man said that to me and I told him that I was really impressed by his faith! He asked me what I meant by that and I told him that it took more faith to not believe in God in spite of all the evidence for Him than it took to believe in God with all the evidence that He is, and a rewarder of those that seek Him. (Hebrews 11:6) He became genuinely offended because I told him he had great faith.

            But it was true. When I believe that there is God and He is knowable, everything else makes sense. A person who denies God has to accept extraordinary leaps of thinking to explain everything else. The logic of an evolutionist, for instance, is as extraordinary as the thought processes of a person who believes the world sits upon the back of a turtle. The only difference is that the former has the twisting of science in its vernacular and the latter has the elements of superstition. Both are exercising irrational faith in a ridiculous concept. It takes more faith to deny God than it does to believe in Him.

            God never argues His own existence, therefore the Bible does not argue His existence. It merely asserts the obvious. (Psalm 90:2) I think that since God says the atheist is a fool, (Psalm 14:1&53:1) He simply does not waste the pages of His word of fools. The moving away from the truth is pictured as part of man’s rebellion against God, man does not like to keep God in his heart, therefore, he is turned over to a corrupt mind. (Romans 1:16-28)  When you believe in God and a righteous order the idea that God would allow men that hate Him go downward in their thinking becomes logical.

            Logic points to God. That is why someone like Albert Einstein had a concept of God. But he saw God as a cosmic force in the universe and unknowable. Logic does not prove the existence of God, or reveal Him, but it gives you more reason to believe in God than not. It remains for God to reveal Himself in His Scripture and through the Living Word Jesus Christ for anyone to come to a knowledge of the truth.

            Theologians do give several arguments for accepting the existence of God from logic that are worthy of note. Below are five of the most interesting:

The teleological argument – That is, something that is perfect or completed shows evidence of a maker. Design implies a designer. When something works, someone made it work. The teleological argument says that the order in the universe is evidence that a supreme intelligence, God, created it.

The aesthetic argument – Simply put, because there is beauty and truth there has to be somewhere in the universe where there exists a standard on which beauty and truth is based.

The volitional argument – Because man faces a myriad of choices and has the ability to make willful decisions, there must exist somewhere an infinite will, and therefore this world is an expression of that will.

The moral argument – The very fact that we know right and wrong requires that somewhere there is an absolute standard. If there is a right and a wrong somewhere there is Someone who has ultimate determination of which is which.

The cosmological argument – This is basically the argument of cause and effect. It argues that someone had to have made the universe because every effect can be traced to a cause.

The cause of infinity must be infinite.

The cause of endless time must be eternal.

The cause of power must be all powerful.

The cause of endless space must be every where present.

The cause of knowledge must be all knowing.

The cause of personality must be personal.

The cause of feeling must be emotional.

The cause of will must be volitional.

The cause of ethical values must be moral.

The cause of spiritual values must be spiritual.

The cause of beauty must be aesthetic.

The cause of righteousness must be holy.

The cause of justice must be just.

The cause of love must be loving.

The cause of life must be living.

And so forth, all of which must be unified in One Being, God


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