Episcopal Blasphemy

Dr. Michael L. Ford

22 January 2008


            Once again people with leadership position in the Episcopal Church have managed to not only embarrass all of Christendom but also hurt the evangelistic efforts of those Christians who believe the biblical assertion there is no other Name (The Lord Jesus Christ) given among men whereby we must be saved. (Acts 4:12) This time the cause of the embarrassment was not one of their sodomite escapades, or one of their Druid practitioners, but the blasphemous act of mixing supposed Christian ritual with that of polytheistic idolatry.

            The officiating priest at this travesty was Karen MacQueen. Ordained in 2004, she appears from her biography to have more time spent studying Indian religion, spirituality, and philosophy than she does studying the Bible and Christian doctrine. She spent time in India with the Roman Catholic Mother Theresa’s Missionaries of Charity. We cannot solely blame this folly on the Episcopal Church’s misguided opening of its doors to female ordination however. The Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, the Rt. Rev. J. Jon Bruno, “issued a statement of apology to the Hindu religious community for centuries-old acts of religious discrimination by Christians, including attempts to convert them” during the observances showing that these occurred with his approval.

            The Bishop of the Los Angeles Diocese, whatever his authority among Episcopalians has no right to issue such an apology. He might as a leader in a failing religious denomination foreswear attempts to convert Hindus personally but he has no right to speak for anyone else. I do not know whether he has ever tried to convert Hindus or any other unbeliever! No evidence of such activity of evangelical zeal was offered in any information I was able to find about him.

            Having a combined Hindu/Christian service is a proclamation that the Hindu religion is as credible as faith in the Savior who gave Himself a sacrifice for man’s sin. This is a blasphemous act that testifies to the spiritual condition of the supposed “Christians” who participated in it.

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