Eliminating Presidential Candidates

Dr. Michael L. Ford

29 January 2008


            Several friends and subscribers have contacted me concerning my thoughts about whom to support for the high office of President of the United States. My thinking is Christians should apply Christian standards to their vote decisions whether a candidate is Christian or not. Secular writers have argued against this approach claiming a person’s private life should not matter when it comes to deciding how much of a public life to trust people with. This is a ridiculous convolution of logic from the outset because what a person is privately reveals what they are at the very core of their beings. It shows how trustworthy a person is.

            Quite apart from any decision based on where a person claims to stand politically we should be concerned about where they stand morally. So in deciding whether it is worth my time to look more deeply into a person’s qualifications for office I first want to know how trustworthy an individual is. My first thought is this: If I want to be able to trust them to be concerned with my rights under the Constitution and interests as an American citizen, I must first determine whether or not they have been faithful in the relationships they have with the people they know. How can I trust them to respect me, who they don’t know, if they have not been faithful to those they do know? In making such a determination I must first look at their marital relationships. That should be the most intimate and deeply committed relationship they have.

            This standard eliminates two candidates right up front; one from each party. The first of these is former New York City Mayor Rudi/Rudy Giuliani and the other is former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. Rudy is now married for the third time. His second wife accused him of “open and notorious adultery,” claiming he had an affair with a staff person. Whether that is true or not Giuliani admits he started seeing his current wife, Judith Nathan, while still married to Donna Hanover. Ronald Reagan, the only divorced man ever elected to the Presidency had 25 years of marital fidelity behind him before he received the vote. Hillary was linked romantically with Vince Foster who supposedly committed suicide on 20 July 1993. I say supposedly because while the fact he died on that day is certain the circumstances of his death including even where he died is subject to much speculation.

            While rumors have persisted Hillary Clinton was having an affair with Foster. There's no rock-solid evidence of an affair except for the numerous hearsay rumors. The extreme efforts Foster made to promote her career over the years indicate a more than normal interest in the woman making it not outside the realm of possibility, given what we know about the Clintons' marriage. The Fosters' marriage was also troubled at the time of his death, a fact everyone seemed to disregard with uncharacteristic restraint.

            An affair with Foster would not preclude the other ongoing rumor of Hillary’s sexual activities; activities that homosexual activist groups have played around with. Hillary has been linked with lesbian sexuality going all the way back to her college days. Again it is one of those things that cannot be proved but the chain of connections makes for a high degree of circumstantial evidence.

            Hillary has been linked intimately with two prominent women. The first is Janet Reno. When I brought rumors of this up with a friend who lived in Florida several years ago he told me that Ms. Reno had been mentioned as a practicing lesbian years before she went to Washington. In Florida, “her hog-punching, alligator wrestling nonconformity” may have caused an unfair characterization but if this is true she promoted the assumption by her hairstyle and manner of dress. One wonders why she would promote the image if it did not fit? After all she was an intelligent woman and aware of what people thought. She is reported to have once said "I am just an awkward old maid with a very great attraction to men."

            The other person Hillary has been rumored to be connected with is Donna Shalala who was long connected with supporting homosexuality. Back in 1989 when controversy erupted at the University of Wisconsin, Donna Shalala, then University Chancellor, was reported by homosexual groups to have long been known as a lesbian. Jack Wheeler wrote, in Strategic Investment (February 10, 1993), "My sources indicate that Hillary Clinton is bisexual, and fools around much more than her husband…” All I can say is there is an awful lot of smoke and unfaithful people are not the sort I like seeing in our White House.

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