World Aids Day

Dr. Michael L. Ford

1 December 2006


            Today is World Aids Day. I remember it was once called GRID for “Gay Related Immune Deficiency.” What I want people to know is AIDS is not the primary cause of death in spite of hype those who have climbed upon the AIDS bandwagon have impressed upon it.

            I am not insensitive that there are an estimated 1,039,000 to 1,185,000 HIV- positive people living in the U.S. A cousin died from AIDS. My wife a cousins’ son die from this awful malady. As a lawman, I had to protect myself from infection, particularly from drug users. Lawmen like nurses and even babies are at risk from secondary infections because of the fornications of others. But the real problem of Aids originates with sodomites and that is the truth no matter what kind of face is put upon it.

            A lot of money has been detoured into HIV and AIDS treatment to primarily add time to the lives of people who are spreading the disease. Research money has been given to “AIDS” that once went into work on things like heart disease and cancer research. I do not think we should have increased taxes on the people who work and contribute to the economy to continue these researches and also do AIDS research. That is not what I am arguing for. I think that we should use more sanity on where and how money is spent.

            Does the fact 25 million plus have died from this disease since 1981 leave me unmoved? Am I unconcerned or untouched by the claim some 38.6 million people have HIV including in the number woman and children who never indulged in homosexual sex? Not at all. But I remember that there was a call sent out among infected homosexuals over a decade ago to seduce and infect heterosexual women in order to generate sympathy for their cause. I am aware much infection in Third World countries is also caused by promiscuous sex plus attitudes and beliefs that reject the Gospel of Christ just as it is in Western ones. The continued spread of this disease is about selfishness and until that is recognized and included in the treatment it will keep growing. I once promoted quarantine for promiscuous people with AIDS. I do so still!

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