A Thought That Should Be on the Front


Every Christianís Mind


The Government Sin List

1. Abortion (infanticide) Legalized by the Supreme Court.

2. Gambling (lottery) Literally government operated gambling.

3. Evolution (Satanís religion) Taught as fact in most schools.

4. Approval of Homosexuality (alternative lifestyles)

5. Removal of Bible from schools.

6. Removal of Prayer from schools.

7. Poor stewardship of Godís blessing (budget deficits)

8. The Biggest Ė Misinterpretation of ďSeparation of Church and StateĒ (Telling people where, when, and how they can practice Christianity) Originally this meant the government could make no laws governing churches or worship. Now it means God removed from all public property.



God adds to and multiplies:

Satan subtracts from and divides


How many of the above subtract from the Christianís rights?


Christian voters can make a difference!

Is the Christian foundation of our nation on your mind when you vote, or do you vote your pocketbook?

Remember, if you are in the perfect will of God, He will provide for your needs.

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