Thoughts on the Death of the Christ

Michael L. Ford, Th.D.


             Writing about the birth of Christ is easier than writing about the death. Thinking about the birth of Christ is easier than thinking about the death. This, along with my own feelings that are difficult to explain, has hindered me from writing on the subject of the Messiah’s death in the past. What has made the difference now? It will be clear when you read this booklet that the movie made by Mel Gibson had some influence on the timing of this work, but it is only the start of something I have longed to do for some time.

            A motive for writing in the manner you see in this paper is to impel some believers to a greater appreciation of the Old Testament, and in particular the Book of Isaiah. This is something lacking in many lives today. The Lord Jesus Christ said we should “Search the Scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. John 5:39.

The Scriptures the Lord was referring to were what we call the Old Testament. I believe that every book in the Old Testament testifies of the Lord Jesus Christ. But, I see Isaiah chapter 53 as one of those peaks of Messianic prophecy contained in the dear old book. I hope that when you study this booklet you will too.

            That this effort is not what is commonly called an exhaustive work I would be the first to admit that. It does not even contain all of what little that I know. It is intended to give you a good start in a journey of knowledge about things related to the most important event in the Bible, the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord. And, should this booklet fall into the hands of some person who believes that the Old Testament is no longer relevant or important to a Christian, I hope it will cause them to rethink their error. Finally, there is one other hope.

Should this booklet fall into the hands of one of the Children of Israel, it is my hope that he would read it and see his Messiah. Isaiah chapter 53 makes no sense apart from the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ, but when the Lord is seen in Isaiah’s words the entire Bible makes sense. My heart’s desire for Israel is that they might be saved for the Gospel is to the Jew first and then also to the Greek.


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The material in this booklet was produced, for the most part, during the first three years of Jonsquill Ministries publishing the Daily Thought over the internet. It was gratifying during those years to see the growth of interest in people wishing to receive the "thought" and think on the things of God. During these months of forced interruption in the production of this daily study the writer has probably missed it more than the readers. We trust that this gap in our ministry endeavors will shortly be brought to an end.

In the mean time, this little booklet has been produced along with some others to make thoughts on particular subjects available to those who might find them of value. Our interest and purpose in these productions is to make available to Christians material that will not be commonly available from other sources yet could serve to make the Christian life a little richer.

We do not claim to be the sole proprietors of the information within these pages. If the material was solely our own it would likely be false information since the Word of God is not of private interpretation. We do not claim that we are the arbiters of great spiritual wisdom. Whatever we have is the gift of God, and He is worthy of any glory or appreciation that might accrue if merit is indeed found in this work. Such as we have we share. This is a Biblical principle.