Blasphemy-Sex with God on TV

Dr. Michael L. Ford


            Until a few days ago I did not know who Sarah Silverman was. Now I not only know who she is but what she is. She has been described as a comic or comedian, but I find nothing funny about her. She has also been described as the “Naughty hottie (who) has sex with 'God' on TV.” She really is an irreverent profane person who is such a child of Satan that she has no fear of blaspheming God.

            The idea of having sex with gods, demigods, angelic beings, and other kinds of supernatural creatures is not new. Mythology is filled with such accounts. Such tales probably have a very real origin. There are passages in the Bible that seem to indicate some fallen angels actually have cohabited with humans. But to decipher those passages in this manner means that God considers such sin an extremely vile thing. Therefore any depiction of a human in carnal relations with the Almighty would have to be particularly insulting to God.

            After learning about this abominable episode on the Comedy Central network 'Sarah Silverman Program,' I also found out that the presentation was supposed to finish the program’s broadcast season. It is my hope that it also finishes the program. But I am praying for the souls of Silverman and Tucker Smallwood who played the role of God. I fear they may have gone too far and actually committed the unforgivable sin.

            Admittedly, I don’t know much about Comedy Central. I have crossed the network ‘channel surfing,’ but never saw anything in passing worth watching and I have caught offensive things that encouraged me to go on by. I found out reading about this incident that they also produce the ‘South Park’ program. I did once see about five minutes of that and found it utterly devoid of merit. It amazes such tasteless junk actually does find a following. One article on South Park asked if it was Satanic or harmless fun? We need to ask the same about Silverman. She is not fun for sure. Mike Duffy, a TV critic for the Detroit Free Press, described Sarah Silverman as the twisted sister of comedy. She’s twisted all right, but she is not funny, and I think she just might be in trouble with God.

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